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Selecting the next wave of emerging managers

A digital asset specific fund of funds committed to investing in the next generation of top tier emerging managers

Why Inception Fund of Funds?

Unrivaled Access, Unmatched Expertise

Our deep background in crypto investing grants our investors superior insight and insider access to high-potential, high-demand opportunities in the rapidly evolving crypto landscape. We provide this exceptional level of access and expertise without the burden of higher fees, ensuring that our investors are poised to capitalize on the most promising ventures in the space.

Exposure Through Diversification

Our fund of funds structure offers a unique investment proposition: comprehensive exposure through diversification. Within a single investment, our investors gain access to an array of top-tier managers, diverse investment vintages, and a broad spectrum of geographies, sectors, strategies, and structures. This approach not only diversifies risk but also maximizes potential for exposure to the most promising aspects of the evolving crypto market.

Exclusive Dealflow

We open doors to exclusive deal flow, granting our investors early and privileged entry into competitive early-stage funding rounds. This pre-market access is complemented by enhanced opportunities for direct follow-on investments in subsequent rounds, ensuring our investors are positioned at the forefront of emerging and high-potential crypto ventures.

Better Diligence, Better Returns

Our extensive experience as venture investors empowers us to add significant value to the underlying funds in our portfolio. This deep involvement allows for more informed and comprehensive diligence processes, enhancing our ability to identify and capitalize on the most promising opportunities. The result is a fund of funds strategy that not only demonstrates better diligence but also drives superior returns.

Invested funds in the portfolio